This is it . . . This is not a dress rehearsal

From where we stand, we cannot conceive of the immensity of what is happening right now in the heavens . . . that which is mirrored right here on Earth today. The creative force of the creator, a.k.a. God's Light, is increasing greatly and at a mind-boggling, multiplying rate of speed. This acceleration phenomenon is encompassing everything from the greatest of mountains to every grain of sand, from each human being to each minuscule ameba, virus and bacteria.

Today the crushing feeling of the density of this disappearing dimension is nearly more that we can withstand. Yet we can also feel the presence of Ascended Beings assisting us through this incredible time. If we ever needed their help, this is the time. This is not a one man/woman job anymore. This step takes a collective group effort! That means you, me, and our communities.

We can feel the presence of luminous beings holding space for us to complete this cosmic transition. We are so grateful that they are here with us. If I can feel them here with me now, then they are also here with YOU, if you can feel them or not! Trust this! We are all connected and not separate as it seems to appear. One is no better than another. What happens to one, happens to all of us. We are Family, one and unified. We always have been and always will be.

The tree of life is growing new roots in the next world as we write this. Your body aches as the density of the past world rises up to be released. You look at your world, and you can't tell if it is a dream, a mirage, or real. Just as the tree of life is growing new roots, so are your chakras, and the energy/life force of your Kundalini is being rooted in the new world. Because of this, you might feel you are split in two. You might feel that one part of you wants to die and the other half wants to live! And the really interesting feeling is that you are losing the attachment to which way it goes. We ask ourselves, do we have to LET GO to this all encompassing extent to bring about the shift of the ages? If we are so filled up holding onto what was in the past, do we have space to move forward to the promised land? Are we really going to have to finally live the truth that we must let go and let God emerge through us to arrive into a new land?

This is why we are here at this time. We have trained for this pivotal time over and over . . . And OVER . . . and OVER. We have had our trial runs, and our dress rehearsals. If we think we are ready or not, we are ready for this! This is the real deal now. It is time to make the leap . . . together. Stay positive and keep your focus on the light. You will find the courage and strength to do what you need to do at the exact time you need it to do it. Trust this fact. Spirit works in the present moment. Spirit is not somewhere out in the future. Spirit does not recognize that there is a past. There is only the power of NOW. It is up to you to use this power.

If you have made it this far, then you are also here to help co-create this great shift that is part of the greatest plan of unimaginable perfection. This plan is the evolution which takes us past duality, separation, lack, and suffering! You have made it to the greatest of cross roads. You have made a huge choice and have joined the greatest spiritual and physical revolution/evolution the universe has ever witnessed. You are the healers, creators and visionaries of a new world.


This is a Joyful Invitation to Participate in an
Unquenchable Spiritual Evolution!

We invite one and all to join a Glorious WAVE OF LIGHT
To and raise up your hands and hearts to create a better world.
This is a call to ALL Light Workers and Way-Showers, Mystics and Sages,
Masters, Saints and Angels! This is your time to SHINE, SERVE & AWAKEN the WORLD!
Are you a member of the Spiritual Conspiracy? Have you joined the ranks of the Conscious Army?
Are you a Bridge Builder to a Bright New Age?
Yes you are!

"You who have the light, what are you doing with it?" ~ Paul Claudel

Watch this Beautiful Video
The Conscious Army - Love is the New Religon

The Solar Wave is Equinox Sunrise,
September 22nd, 2009

Exact dates and times for the Equinox can be seen here:

Exact times for sunrise in your area can be seen here:

Your time has come. The energy is ripe. The stage is set for humanity to finally move into the ONE HEART to raise up and unify our Global Community and Planet. We encourage all like-minded, heart-centered souls to join together in an unstoppable Solar Wave of Joyful Celebration and Heart Centered Community Service. The Ancient prophesies have come to pass, and we have turned a corner toward a bright new age. Paradise is in our hands!

Where is the Global Celebration ?
It takes place right where you are!

When is the Global Celebration?
Sunrise, September 22nd, 2009

What can we do together to manifest paradise?
Gather together for a sunrise ceremony, and then offer your sacred service to your local community . . . and network this event!

As Gandhi said . . .
"BE the change that we wish to see in the world!"


Help Humanity and the Planet, and network this event.
E-mail this Global Event to your Friends

Post your event! What Celebration are you planning in your location?
You can post your event here!
*** Print out a Solar Wave Event Poster here and promote your local event!

Read what have others have experienced and share your Solar Wave experiences:
Post and/or read stories here.

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The Only Things We Take With Us
Over the years, the Star Elders have shared things with me regarding what we will take with us through the Shift of the Ages. The one most important thing that we will take with us is the love that we hold in our hearts.

Entering an Era of Living in Sacred Service


"Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or other. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and we will make not only our own happiness, but that of the world at large." ~ Gandhi

Heal yourself - your physical and spiritual bodies. Regenerate yourself with light, and then help those who have poverty of the soul. Return to the inner spirit, which we have abandoned while looking elsewhere for happiness." ~ Willaru Huayta, QUECHUA NATION, PERU

"Again and again some people in the crowd wake up. They have no ground in the crowd. And they emerge according to much broader laws . They carry strange customs with them And demand room for bold gesture. The future peak ruthlessly through them". ~ Rilke, 1899

"We live in an age of prophecy,
during which humanity has the opportunity to re-awaken
to timeless, inter-dependent relationship with the cosmos.
Without a doubt, we are here at this special time
to help fulfill an awesome and delicately orchestrated plan
to align Earth with the cosmos
and humanity with the universal heart.
We are here to awaken to the full potential
of being authentic, aware human beings.
It is time to drop your cosmic remote control,
get out of that visualization chair,
and get to work.
Spirit helps those who help themselves.
Spirit works right NOW . . .
not yesterday . . . not tomorrow.
Quit watching what is going on and take action.
Use your power to do something
about the imbalances in your world."
~ The Star Elders

"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never regains its original dimensions."
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Peace is not something you wish for,
it is something you make, something you do,
something you are and it is something you give away.

"I am only one, but I AM ONE.
I cannot do it all, but I will not refuse to do what I can.
and what I can do, by the grace of the Creator, I will do."
- unknown

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The Star Elders speak about
the Shift of the Ages and the Solar Wave.

The Star Elders (The Star Council) prophesied that 2008 would be the year that we finally make the shift of the ages . . . a whole four years earlier than expected. This vision was realized because there is enough awakening souls on the Earth to make this happen. THANK YOU! We may not see evidence of this shift in the world today, but the roots to this new age are growing rapidly just under the surface. These roots are building a solid foundation for the next cycle of time. This is the end of a past cycle, but it is not the end of the world. This time is a time to rejoice and celebrate, because it is also a birth of a new age. This new age will be directly linked to our collective consciousness and will manifest what is in our hearts quicker than in past ages.

The Star Elders say that in 2009 we are offered the promised land; a sacred space in which we can at last fully reveal our true authentic selves and manifest our vision and dream of a perfect world. This is the divine plan you have come here to fulfill at this time. Our hearts are finally set free to be acknowledged as the Way-Showers and Healers. It is the year that our holding firm to the Light of Truth will be rewarded. 2009 is the year that we have the opportunity to be supported in our sacred service. We will begin the extraordinary task of fully letting go of the past wounds and begin building a new world. This will heal ourselves, our community and planet. It is the turn around year you have been waiting for. It is a year that impeccability, truth, love, peace, harmony, and profound sense of unity in the global community will be rooted into the foundation of the new age.

You are the living bridges between all the cultures of the Earth.
You are the unification of all the religions.
You are the harmony between all social, economic, and spiritual classes.
You are the ones that shift the negative projections of the collective consciousness into a positive reality.
You are the ones that have held firm to the dreams and visions of a different future.
You are the ones that choose to counter balance, the fear-based prophecies running amok throughout the unconsciousness of so many people.
You are the ones that write our future based on love,
unity and oneness and most of all planetary brother & sisterhood.
You have held strong to the vision that Earth
will be a beautiful garden and shining star of our galaxy.
That future is beginning to manifest right before our eyes.
You are the ones that we have been waiting for.
You are your own ancestors returned.

We invite ONE and ALL
to this Celebration of Sacred Service.

1. First . . . begin with a sunrise prayer and ceremony.
On Equinox Sunrise ~ September 22nd, 2009, plan your gathering, or dream big and plan a huge event with all your like-minded family. Plan an event in your living room, or fill a stadium! Remember to act locally, but think globally. On Equinox Sunrise, September 22nd, 2009, with your masterful networking help, we can encourage the entire global population of healers and light workers to catch the Solar Wave. Our Light, Love and vision will strengthen exponentially as it washes across this beautiful Earth. Exact times for sunrise in your area can be seen here:

Together we will create a 24 hour tidal wave of powerful, transforming, healing light, rooting a positive vision for a brilliant future. This is YOUR TIME to put to action all the healing talents and spiritual truths you have taken such great care to learn and develop. At equinox sunrise, give the world ALL the LIGHT, LOVE and COMPASSION you have! Send your HEART out to humanity, the planet, and all life. Send your knowingness that paradise is here right now, and BE the world as you want it to be. Use your highest, purest intentions, and remember that the truth is not out there . . . it is within YOU. As Gandhi said . . . "We must BE the change that we want to see in the world!" There is nothing more powerful than a unified group operating from the heart using the Earth's 24 hour solar cycle during the thinned veils of harmonizing Equinoxes.

2. Secondly . . . offer your sacred service.
After your sunrise ceremony, your group can offer a chosen sacred service for the day. This is our day to show the world what we are made of. It is our day to be leaders of light for our community, country, and planet. There is SO MUCH we can offer our communities. There are so many ways that we can let our hearts shine. A few ideas . . . offer . . . * Free Healing Day * Help a Neighbor Day * Clean up your Community Day * Help your Elders Day * Plant a Tree Day, etc.... Get creative, and pay attention to what your local community needs, and offer your services for the day.


For the last 15 years, thousands upon thousands of light workers, peacekeepers, shamans, healers, gods and goddesses, angels and saints from around the globe have joined together to work with powerful Equinox energy in a 24 hour Solar Wave of Light and creative potential. This event is nothing new. Ancient ones knew about this powerful time and have used it to balance and harmonize discordant energy for eons. The fact that the masses are now becoming more aware of this time of great potential is a huge sign that we are in fact entering a new age. Will you join us?

Solar Wave History - Where it all began . . . The Solar Wave was an idea born in 1990 while Aluna Joy was on a pilgrimage to Palenque, Mexico. In an amazing overnight stay in the Temple of the Sun, she was taught, or better yet, downloaded with a vision. Aluna Joy was shown a new energy that was coming to the planet that was going to come in energy waves in multiplying voltage. Today, 19 years after the initial vision, the waves are getting too big to ignore. You can read about this experience here:

Please NETWORK This Event!

Please send this invitation to all your relations everywhere.
Network the Solar Wave. Talk about the Solar Wave. Remember . . . we are only separated by 6 degrees of separation. So if you send this to 6 people, we can reach the entire conscious community of the planet! Or if you are a hard core networker, send this to everyone you know, and let's get the entire world unified and working together to reclaim our destiny! Remember . . . when two or more are gathered together in a common focus, the power to change the world is multiplied a thousand times more than if one person was doing it alone. Dream BIG!


My Ol' Bliss Buddy and Inca Addict… STAR
I highly recommend the "Earth Balancing Trinity of Essences" she offers.

Patti Cota-Robles of ERA OF PEACE
for her impeccable message and great support.

Over the years, DaVid has been a great supporter of the
Solar Wave with his HUGE network base.



for all your work and dedication to making a real difference in the advancement of the LIGHT on this beautiful planet!
There are no words of gratitude great enough for YOU!

We invite all the Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ascended Masters, Shamans and Sages of the LIGHT
to assist in this Healing and Awakening of Humanity, Earth and the Cosmos. May the shifts be completed in all ~time~space~dimension~past~present~future~body~mind~spirit,
7 days a week ~ 24 hours a day ~ 365 days year!

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