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 beautifully produced short videos expaining how our whole Earth is transiting into the 5th dimension
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Here is an amazing meditation for this special time 
it has helped us greatly in the past few weeks

The Solar Light Activation

At this time, we will give to you a Meditation and Activation that will assist you in dealing with increased levels of Light Radiation, whether this be from Solar Flares or other sources. You will find, Beloved Ones, that in the next eighteen months there will be a high level of Solar Flares and increased focus on Radiation and Light Emissions.

Now, in the last decade there has been intensive activation of the Light body through transmission of Solar Light Codes. The Activation of the Original Blueprint for Human Perfection includes the structure of the Light Body. The Light Body is designed to be the Connection and Conduit for Light transmissions from the Celestial sources, and the development of this potential allows you to absorb intense radiation emissions without damage to the physical body.

The Light Body, when activated, will absorb these Light emissions and will disrtibute them around the Light Body so that they are not harmful to the Physical Body. The damage caused by any intense light radiation is to the hologram of the being. The intense light causes damage to the hologram and this in turn results in physical distress and disease. When the Light Body is active and light is being absorbed into the meridians of that Body, then the integrity of the Hologram remains intact and the Light Body just becomes more radiant and more beautiful, and the Physical Body can be energized and clarified.

So, Beloved Ones, we offer you this Meditation and Activation:

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Breathe deeply three times, and then focus into your Heart Center. Breathe deeply three times again, and allow yourself to feel a deep peace within.

Now, let the energy move down your body, through the base chakra and into the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet. This is your own personal "Earth Keeper" hologram or crystal. Feel yourself grounding and connecting into the Earth. Now, let that energy move downwards to the Crystal Hologram at the center of the Earth, and let yourself connect with the deep love and support of the Earth Mother. You are loved and connected and supported on the Planet.

Now, bring that energy back up and into the Heart. Breathe deeply three times. Now let the energy move upwards through the throat, the brow and up to the Crown Chakra. Visualize the Crown Chakra like a Golden Lotus Flower, and each petal is opening to the Sun. As the petals open they become receivers for the Solar emissions of Light. Each petal absorbs the light and transmits it into the Light Body. As the light transmits into the Light Body, that Body becomes more Radiant and Beautiful, and you may feel warm. Breathe deeply three times again.

Now, allow the energy focus to move upwards to the Soul Star Chakra above the head, the crystal hologram where your soul energy is focussed. Imagine this like a Lotus Flower of White Light, and the petals open to receive the Light transmissions from the Galactic and Cosmic Suns......pulsations of Rainbow Light entering into the Soul Star Chakra and being distributed around the Light Body creating pulsations of Rainbow Light. Again, you may feel increased warmth as the Light Body becomes more radiant.

Just allow the Light to flow, and know that this activation allows you to become a receiver of Celestial and Solar Light, and to nourish your Light Body with this Light in a conscious way. Know too, Beloveds, that this Pulsating and Radiant Light Body will act as a Light Shield and distributor for any Radiations that you may encounter in your environment. For, your Light Body is the part of the original design whose purpose was to connect you to the Highest Frequencies of Light with no damage to the material aspects of your Being.

So now, bring your attention back to the Heart Center and breathe deeply three times again. Then, when you feel ready, you may open yout eyes.

This activation can be done at any time when you feel the pressure from Solar Flares or intense Electro-magnetic activity in the environment.

We wish you much Love and Joy in your journey in the New Earth Reality!

RePrinted from an article by: Celia Fenn





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