Question 2

Hi jean,

I am happy for you to use my email for your website for a free response.

Past couple of years I have been struggling with life and finding it very hard to find stability.

I feel like I'm in a black hole which I can't escape from and I feel very lonely.

Any help or advice for me??

Thanks Mandy

Jean's answer 

Hi Mandy I feel you are at a time in your life when you need to take stock and listen to your own intuition. In other words you need to listen to your ‘gut feeling’ and how these feelings are ‘speaking to you’ and act accordingly - only doing what you want to do. It feels to me like you have been ‘dragging your heels’ doing stuff and being in situations you do not want to be in and with people you do not want to be with. All of these can make you feel more lonely than if you are alone, centred and doing what you love.

You need to ‘centre yourself’ and stay in the ‘gap’ or ‘black hole’ asking yourself, “ who am I? What do I want and how am I going to get there?" My spirit guide is saying that when in the quiet space that you allow yourself you will be given guidance both from your higher self and from spirit. Only do what feels right to you, in the meantime I am being told to tell you to get plenty of sleep (amethyst crystal under your pillow at night will help you to sleep), go out in nature and eat well to get adequate nutrition. I will send you some absent Reiki healing with your permission but you have to tell me this is ok when you send me your feedback from the reading. I feel most strongly that it would help you to talk to a professional - maybe a counsellor, about your issues who will help you focus forward.

I am sensing that something you started a while ago and stopped, you will take it up again with renewed energy and build on it by doing further studying. I am also feeling the energy of house move with you - probably work related.

You need to keep away from harsh argumentative people and walk away from a relationship that is doing you no good. I see a new relationship for you in July 2013 which has the energy of becoming permanent if that is what you want. This will come about from a choice of relationships starting in January 2013.

I feel that January 2013 is the month you are going to meet some new people who you will be connecting with as part of your ‘soul group’ who you re-incarnated with and will embark on some important spiritual work. I say this with the firm belief myself of re-incarnation.

I hope this has helped.

Love and Light and many blessings


                                                          Question 3
                                        Hello,I hope you're well.

I am more than happy for my question and reply to be shared on your website, as I understand it will be a free service.

I have been with my partner for 5 years since I was 15. We have had our ups and downs and I now feel I have stronger feelings for him than he has for me.

I was just hoping you could give me some spiritual guidance regarding love and the future.

                                                             Thank you

                                        Jean's answer
                                                     Dear Samantha,

Thank you for your question. My spirit guide is telling me that you both need to communicate as you have both grown and changed but are not communicating or ‘connecting’. I feel that there is stuff going on in his mind about his past, from his childhood which he will have to deal with to progress forward on his spiritual pathway.

I am sensing that he needs his freedom would like to travel. I am feeling a strong energy about him visiting Bethlehem, Petra and Egypt. I see him coming back stronger and enlightened spiritually. On his return, I am being told that he will study some new things and sense him studying on several courses.

I am being told by spirit that you need to let him have his freedom to explore and ’find’ himself and become grounded and centred within yourself.

I see a lot of new people coming your way in 2013 and also a choice of relationships including the current one but when he comes back I feel that you will have changed a lot too. I am being told that by May 2014 you will be in a permanent, happy relationship. It’s completely your choice but I sense that it will be with someone new. I hope this has helped.

Love and Light and many blessings.


Samantha's feedback 

                                                Hi Jean,

I am taking your feedback and we are trying to communicate more- there has been a difference this weekend already! I think we need to be open and see what happens in the future
Thankyou for your advice, I feel happier and more confident now





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