June's Transformational Eclipse Cycle
Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ June 5th 2011

I expect by now that you are feeling the full onslaught of the effects from the June Solar/Lunar eclipse and solar flare, Summer Solstice (June 21st) gauntlet... Whew! It has been interesting to say the least. Just prior to the first eclipse, I had a powerful vision. I could see the great divine director a.k.a. the creative energy of the universe, begin to create new form! This new form was being created by OUR collective direction. We are the collective directors of a new world and dimension. The colour and form was spectacular, and I watched it for quite a while. It was amazing and exquisite and raw and natural. I know this was the first step in physically manifesting our new world. So far the work we have done looks remarkable.

Because of natural cosmic law, we all create in the same way. First we conceive of an idea, and then we begin to dream or imagine it, and then we give it power. At this stage, our creation is present only in Spirit and not in the physical world. Sensitive ones might be able to see it and feel it at this point. It takes various lengths of time lines to manifest depending on our focus. Once enough cosmic juice, energy and time has been given to a dream, then it begins to manifest in the physical world. It begins to manifest in stages, bit by bit, step by step. We can create realities in various consciousness. We create for our individual selves, within our families units, cities, countries and the biggest collective is our entire global consciousness. We are now in the first steps of manifesting this new reality from the global consciousness.

During this eclipse gauntlet, it is becoming very apparent that there is a great chasm between our higher soul mind and our mechanical human mind. The clarity is becoming so distinct that we are able to be more clear about who we truly are. We are becoming very clear about who we are as a soul and not our human history. Yet we seem to still speculate how to merge this deep soul knowing with this new world that is immerging. Be patient. It will all come in divine time.

I feel that the eclipse gauntlet is all about helping . . . US to get HERE . . . all the way with nothing held back. This will of course be a personal choice for each one of us, if we plan to run the entire gauntlet of energy that is being presented to us. It will take courage and focus.

Amazing dreams! Pay attention. We are not only getting glimpses of the new world, but also the communities and social structures that will be there for us. Our soul families are beginning to gather in Spirit in this new immerging world. You will know these ones by a heart knowing. When you meet in the physical world, it will feel like you have simply picked up where you left off. It will be an instant and deep connection.

Now on the human side of things . . . (Yes, we are still human after all.) This new energy triggered by the eclipses and being intensified by solar flares (www.spaceweather.com) are so heavy-duty that it nearly takes our breath away. These are pure transformational energies that we are dealing with now. Some might experience mild to severe panic attacks . . . along with feeling heavy in the heart area and feeling breathless. We might feel really heavy and tired. When we feel heavy it means we are climbing up! So don't judge this time. We are transforming quickly. Un-diagnosable aches and pains can be felt as our body adapts to the transforming energies and the new creation being born within us. Remember to take time to rest. Take a bath, a walk, play some soothing music. I like "Liquid Mind". Internal organs are getting a makeover too . . . like the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, heart and lungs etc. Remember to eat well, even though you might want to reach for the comfort food that is not so good on your body. Take note to how you feel now because we will not be the same by the end of the summer.

Remember to tell the universe each day that you are committed to moving forward in your transformation. This will take some action on your part. Spirit helps those who help themselves. Keep moving. Don't freeze up . . . . It hurts more when you stand still.

We have been noticing that getting a good night's sleep has been an issue. Many are tossing and turning and our beds have become a torture chamber. So Raphael took some action to tell the universe that we are committed to our transformation. Raphael smudged our house with sage infused with our sacred site essences. He smudged all the way around our house, and we began to sleep like babies again. We plan to do this every night for the entire eclipse gauntlet. If sage isn't your thing, you can use copal, cedar, sweetgrass or other incenses. Using a rattle or blowing a conch shell can clear the energy of your home. Pay attention to the corners of each room.

Misting the inside of your house with a few drops of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus oils in a spray bottle with some water will also clear your house of stuck energy. I learned this trick from a Maya Elder in Guatemala. All these oils and sage smudge sticks are available at most new age book stores and health food stores.

After you clear your house, don't forget to clear yourself.
A bath in sea salts, using a sauna or a sweat lodge helps clear our minds and bodies. Get a massage or other
body work. Also don't forget to takes essences that help ground and smooth out energies help. We mention a few that work for us down below. Someone told me that you have to swim a moat to get to the castle . . . . Well, I think we are swimming now, don't you? I hope that our suggestions help you get to the other side of the moat quickly and to our new castle.

ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak) Clairvoyant, or seer of living energy. Those who know Aluna, call her a modern mystic and/or a psycho-geographical healer. Aluna simply considers herself a Spiritual Archaeologist using her Clairvoyant/Clairsentient gifts to read ancient history of sacred sites. She helps others to tune their inner ears to hear, and also brings forward to modern times the wisdom and teachings of the past. She speaks on the subjects of Spiritual Archaeology and the Awakening of Spiritual Consciousness through the guardians and masters of ancient cultures of the Maya, Inca, and Egyptian/Atlantis worlds. Aluna's work has been influenced by a life long interaction with the Star Elders combined with a series of shamanic experiences that accelerated over 2 decades of travel in the sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna acts as a cross cultural Spiritual Guide on unique pilgrimages to Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, and occasionally Egypt. She is a carrier of one of the rare Stones of Ica from Peru. She also offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology", "The Mayan Daykeeper" and "The Mayan Time Decoder". Her articles have been published worldwide since 1994

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