The following pages will be filled with Jean's writing and channelling on a variety of Spiritual subjects :-

Star Magick is a place of spiritual transformation

I have lived there for eight and a half years. It is not only my home which I share with Sue (my partner in life and business partner), but a wonderful place of nature and a portal for spirit. The house is filled with love and beautiful crystals and the garden is full of beautiful flowers, plants and birds - not forgetting our two beautiful rabbits - Flybe and Thumper who are spiritual princes.

Today while having some healing from Sue I became aware of a blue horned spirit rabbit who told me that he looked after all the rabbits in spirit. He brought with him today Jesse our belgian hare who passed to spirit 2 years ago. She was like a Goddess who always had such a spiritual vibe with her and I feel her around often. Spirit show me some amazing things and I believe it is really important to believe and trust in what spirit and the angels show us and not let our ego and rational mind take over.

We are all beautiful children of God/Goddess. We are equally important with our own divine mission. Nobody is like you. You are unique and if you believe in yourself you can do anything. We all have in us the ability to change the world! That sounds huge doesn't it? You can only change yourself for the better. You do not need anyone's approval, only your own approval. When you feel good about yourself you put out a 'good high vibe' and you will attract people and situations that will make you feel even better about yourself and the better you feel the more positive people and situations you will attract to you which mirrors your good feeling.



This can work in a positive or a negative way. If you feel great and your vibe is high you will attract people and situations to you on that level whereas if you feel bad about yourself and feel that you do not deserve or are no good then you are mirroring that out and will attract the same energy back in the form of people and situations which will’ re-enforce this in your mind.

The Law of Attraction works with anything - eg. LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, WORK, MONEY, HEALTH.


keeping in the present moment using phrases like ‘I am’ or ‘I have’ and coming from a point of gratitude in your own mind. (because tomorrow never comes) - e.g ‘I am so grateful to be fit, well and have peace of mind right now and my legs are getting stronger with each passing day‘. That way I am grateful for general good health and peace of mind and I am not attracting more of what I don’t want by saying ‘I don’t want weak hurting legs!’

Even better is to have the attitude and belief that whatever is wrong is better already. The Chinese have a phrase for this which is ‘Wha Sa’ and it means ‘It is already done‘. I watched a video on You Tube demonstrating this as healers chanted ‘Wha sa’ over a patient and we saw an x ray of her tumour and the tumour disappear on a sonogram in less than three minutes! (see video below) The patient and the Doctors had absolute positive belief in the process. It is necessary to have positive belief because if doubts creep into the mind it can stop the desired outcome.

I say ‘Wha Sa’ when I am receiving healing and I have made a much faster recovery than was thought possible from what happened to me a year ago. I am not going to tell you the details because if I did it would be ‘telling the universe’ what I do not want.

because the universe ‘listens’ and gives us exactly what we ask for.

An example or this is if you are struggling for money do not affirm ‘I don’t want to be broke anymore’ because you will attract energy that will make you stay broke - e.g. bills, appliances needing repair, not getting that rise at work etc.


I just want to talk a little bit about the ‘ego‘. it is the ‘ego’ which will tell us ‘not to be so daft‘. That our idea is not divinely guided or that we are a ‘plonker’ for having unrealistic dreams, that we will never come to anything or that it is dangerous to take that leap of faith.

I say trust in your own gut feeling, listen to yourself, believe that you can fulfil your dreams and do not listen to the nay say of others who are probably jealous or lack the confidence to go forward in their own lives,

TRUST and BELIEVE in YOUR FEELINGS and LISTEN TO HOW THEY ARE TALKING TO YOU! If something feels good from your own centre of self then go for it! If something feels all wrong DON’T DO IT OR GO NEAR IT!




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